About Us

Nitin Cerebral Palsy Society (NCPS) is a non-profit Nepali non-government organization registered with Social Welfare Council, Nepal. NCPS was awarded by Janahit Sewa Prathisthan on 2017 for providing good service in the community. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and their families. It aims to do this through a holistic approach involving the provision of medical,rehabilitation services, and empowering programs such as special education, vocational training, community programs and a general support network.

Mrs. Urmila Shrestha founded NCPS and named it in remembrance of her son, Nitin, who suffered from Cerebral Palsy and passed away at an early age. The word ‘Nitin’ means “master of the right path” in Nepali. Since Nitin’s passing, Mrs. Shrestha has been deliberately fighting to provide a better life for every child with CP she has come across. She has devoted her life, her motherly love, and passion toward the quality care and rehabilitation of CP children as a special educator.She believes that this organization belongs to all the parents of children with CP even though she took the initiative along with support of her husband,family and friends.

NCPS is grateful for the helping hands of many who have partnered with us to help establish and make this work possible. We are aware though to continue this work we need the ongoing support from volunteers and those that can contribute financially or in other ways such as providing specific training to our staff/s, doing on-site volunteer work etc. Together, we can help build a better future for Nepali people living with disabilities and their families.


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Individual, Corporate and Community support is vital to provide our essential services.