Get Involved

  • Monthly Donation

Monthly donation plays a crucial role in providing our basic essential services to these children.You may choose to do this by simply donating some amount of money (at your will) on a monthly basis for a short or long length of time.

We would also like to encourage donations from the children’s parents (national or international) or relatives if able.

 Contribution can be made to buy technical equipment/s for the program such as:

*Special chair, wheelchair for Cerebral palsy children.

*Sling Hoist(patient lifter).

*Essential physio equipments.

*Training materials such as specific (CP related)Books, DVDs etc.

  • Fundraising Events

One of the ways to support us is by organizing fundraising events that will definitely assist us financially.

  • Volunteering

On-site volunteer work is a wonderful experience and an important role to help our society by giving and sharing your precious knowledge/experience with us.

  • Be a Corporate Partnership:

Partnership with national and international organizations with common goals makes it easy to accompany our mission for long term to a local and global level.

  • Join our team

Joining our team is as friendly as walking together shoulder to shoulder.

  •  A way to give that suits you

Leave a gift on your will or in celebration/memory

Want to Donate?

Individual, Corporate and Community support is vital to provide our essential services.